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You can’t avoid the loose skin that appears over time, but you can do something about it. Dr. Linda G. Everett offers skin tightening using noninvasive, advanced technology at Everett Medical in Avondale, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She can use Forma™ and Forma Plus™ to treat your skin, freshening your appearance as it tightens and tones your skin.

Skin Tightening Q & A

by Linda G. Everett, MD, MHA

What is skin tightening?

The natural changes that occur in your skin as you age have a cumulative impact on your appearance. Skin produces less collagen, elastin, and oil, which means it loses strength, elasticity, and moisture. The underlying cushion of fat thins out. As a result of these changes, skin becomes loose and the impact of gravity creates sagging.

Skin tightening reverses the problem by stimulating the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. This is done using advanced medical devices that heat tissues in the deep layers of your skin just enough to break down old collagen.

The damage has an immediate effect because the collagen contracts, which tightens skin. But then it has a long-term impact, too, as the body naturally begins to produce new collagen and elastin. As the skin regenerates, it becomes stronger, tighter, and better toned.

How does Dr. Everett tighten skin?

Dr. Everett uses leading-edge medical devices, the Forma and the Forma Plus, to tighten skin. The Forma is used on the face and neck. The Forma Plus can treat a larger area, so it’s used on the body. Both devices send impulses of radiofrequency energy down into the skin without harming surrounding tissues.

Since the devices read the skin’s temperature 1,000 times per second, Dr. Everett can precisely control the radiofrequency energy to ensure that the optimal temperature for stimulating collagen is reached in deep layers of skin, while maintaining a cooler temperature at the top layer. This makes the procedure safe for you, while ensuring the best skin tightening.

What can you expect during and after a skin tightening procedure?

While Dr. Everett performs a skin tightening procedure, you shouldn’t feel pain or discomfort. However, she’ll talk with you first to explain what kinds of sensations you’ll experience and answer your questions, including any concerns about discomfort.

When the procedure is over, your skin may be slightly red, but that subsides in a few hours. Since the Forma and Forma Plus are noninvasive — which means they operate from outside the skin and don’t need an incision — you don’t have any recovery time or downtime. You should see and feel immediate results, then you’ll continue to see improvement in skin’s tone and texture as new collagen gradually migrates into the skin’s upper layers.

If you’re considering a skin tightening procedure, be assured that Dr. Everett has the expertise and experience to deliver the results you desire. She also takes time to give you the personal attention you deserve. When you’re ready to refresh your skin, contact Everett Medical to talk about your options.

How does Dr. Everett treat stretch marks?

Dr. Everett minimizes the appearance of stretch marks for both men and women with the game-changing, FDA-approved Palomar Lux 1540 laser. Stretch marks just about anywhere on the body (the abdomen, back or thighs) can be substantially diminished.


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